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Senior Tools Engineer


¤  Highly accomplished Tools Engineer with expert proficiency in the development and delivery of utilities to support a wide range of disciplines, including DevOps, Release Engineering, Quality Assurance, Engineering, and Site Operations.

¤  Skilled in the effective management of project and individual priorities, coordinating the effort of teams and business partners across multiple internal departments.

¤  Well versed in the application of innovative development strategies to improve the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of all development efforts in a time-critical environment.

á       An effective communicator regarded for the ability to build strong relationships with key stakeholders at all levels of a complex organization; well versed in overcoming objections, achieving consensus, and continually advancing projects through to completion.

¤  Regarded for the unique ability to implement a highly organized, analytical, and process-oriented approach to achieve results and ensure compliance with all corporate and client standards of quality.

Core Skills and Competencies

¤  Software Tools Development

¤  Automation

¤  Scripting

¤  Back End Development

¤  UNIX / Linux Shell

¤  Systems Administration

¤  Perforce

¤  Configuration / Release Management

¤  Verbal and Written Communication


Relevant Professional Experience

EBAY / STUBHUB, San Francisco, CA                                                                                                              (2006-2014)

Senior Tools Engineer

Fulfilled a key role supporting the Release Engineering, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Engineering, and Site Operations groups of this online marketplace owned by eBay, which provides services for buyers and sellers of tickets for sports, concerts, theater and other live entertainment events.  Engaged in tool development as well as basic systems administration.

Key Achievements

¤ Developed and maintained two generations of deployment automation, one of which was used to deploy to production.

¤ Designed, tested, and deployed UNIX/Linux software tools, accompanied by complete documentation to guide the efforts of teams across multiple disciplines.

¤ Designed and implemented a tokenization/de-tokenization process for the management and deployment of configuration files, enabling the storage one file in source control containing tokens instead of one file per environment.

¤ Developed new Build and Deploy program suites to ensure the success of QA functions and production testing for new releases.

¤ Designed and deployed automation that brought content development, staging, and deployment into compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

¤ Architected and released a production deployment and staging solution for StubHubŐs seat map and section view images.

¤ Served as the administrator of the Perforce proprietary software version control system, including upgrading server software, migrating functionality from one server host to another, and administering backups.


NORTHROP GRUMMAN, San Mateo, CA                                                                                                         (2004-2006)

EDI Systems Administrator / Implementor

Provided key support to the Business to Business Development and Operations group at this multi-billion dollar global aerospace and defense technology company, developing, testing, and documenting an array of UNIX software tools.

Key Achievements

¤ Entrusted with the establishment, tracking, and maintenance of secure data transactions between internal applications and external business partners, safeguarding the security and integrity of critical information at each phase.

¤ Designed and implemented automation that tracked the status of B2B EDI data transfers and alerted management when communications occurred outside of an expected time window. 







ACTUATE CORPORATION, South San Francisco, CA                                                                                        (2002-2002)

UNIX Systems Administrator

Met the challenge of managing Arkeia backups at this leading reporting, analytics, and customer communications software company, ensuring the integrity of data from a network of Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris clients. Installed Linux on workstations, performing kernel recompilation as required.

Key Achievements

¤ Improved efficiency and productivity by developing tools to extract data from the Arkeia backup database.


RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS LTD, Redwood City, CA                                                                                         (2001-2002)

Senior Security Engineer

Led the design, coding, testing, and implementation of tools governing security, monitoring, data conversion, and data indexing for internal stakeholders and external clients of this provider of specialist business improvement advice in the areas of computer security.

Key Achievements

¤ Served as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert for clients seeking technical review and analysis.

¤ Performed development of infrastructure libraries in PERL to support an email server system at a key client.


SGI, Mountain View, CA                                                                                                                                  (2000-2001)

Member of Technical Staff - Design

Improved the System Verification Program for the quarterly Internal Support Tools CD release by this leading producer of high performance computing, data management, and visualization products.

Key Achievements

¤ Created and maintained ESP parser programs that receive and parse email messages from client machines generated by the Embedded Support Partner framework.

¤ Supported the companyŐs TechDigest intranet web space through code development activity.


Prior Work History


UNIX Systems Administrator, MENTOR TECHNOLOGIES INC., Lanham, MD

Member of Technical Staff, COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION, Greenbelt and Rockville, MD



Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science  Towson University


Technical Proficiencies

Programming Languages and Software: Perl, UNIX/Linux Shell, Perforce, Jenkins, Jira, HTML, C

Operating Systems: Linux, IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX, SunOS, Unicos, Digital UNIX, AIX

Hardware Platforms: Intel, Sun, SGI, HP, Mac, MVS, Cray



Enjoy choral singing, motorcycle riding, and running.