Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 18:00
San Francisco Bay area

Beer.   Mental stimulation.

Please note that SBW events now take place on the second Saturday of the month.

This event:

Coming events (second Saturdays):

The San Francisco Bay area's next social event for techies and their friends, sig-beer-west, will take place at 18:00 on Saturday, August 13, 2005 at Jupiter, 2181 Shattuck Avenue (at Center Street) across from the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Call 510-THE-TAPS for directions. They have a fine website with all sorts of good info about:

Everyone is welcome at this event. We mean it! Please feel free to forward this information and to invite friends, cow-orkers, and others (of legal drinking age) who might enjoy lifting a glass with interesting folks from all over the place.

Can't come this month? Mark your calendar for next month.   (Do it now before you forget!)   sig-beer-west occurs on the second Saturday of each month.

Want to suggest a venue?  Suggestions for new places to sip and gab are always welcome. Have questions, comments, or other ideas concerning sig-beer-west?   Send all correspondence to the current sig-beer-west Instigator. The Instigator's handle is extasia. The Instigator's email address is <*the handle*> at <*the handle*> dot <*org*>. A subject beginning with "sbw: " will increase the chances that the Instigator's spam filters don't block your message.

sig-beer-west  FAQ

1.   Q: Your announcement says "techies and their friends".  How do I know if I'm a techie, or a friend of one?
  A: Well, actually, you don't have to be a techie to attend.  You just have to be able to find the sig-beer-west sign at this month's event.  That's it.   Simple, huh?

2.   Q: I'm not really a beer person. In fact I'm interested in hanging out, but not in drinking. Would I be welcome?
  A: Absolutely! The point is to hang out with fun, interesting folks. Please do join us.

3.   Q: I've been thinking about attending sig-beer-west for some time now. Maybe I should start with this event?
  A: Yes!!

sig-beer-west was started in February 2002 when a couple Washington, D.C. based systems administrators who moved to the San Francisco Bay area wanted to continue a dc-sage tradition, SIG-beer, which is described in sig-beer.NET web space as:

SIG-beer, n., origin lost to intoxication:

  1. Special Interest Group - Beer!
  2. An Interprocessor Communications (IPC) signal that should be implemented in every O/S kernel. Semantics are left to the hardware driver for the Robotic Drinks Server. Expected behavior is that kill -beer <pid>
  3. A standing monthly gathering of systems administrators, past/present/future, and their ilk in Washington, DC. and other worldwide locations. These gathering consists of a friendly gathering of people who enjoy tasting/drinking interesting beer and chatting about computers, life, and how to implement the SIG-beer into their systems. It started with a group of dc.sage sysadmins some time in 1997.

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